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Sareen – Tarot Reader

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September 17, 2023
10:00 am - 1:30 pm

Sareen has been reading tarot for over a decade, and has deep appreciation for the clarity, insight and hope that the tarot provides. She sees the tarot as a sophisticated esoteric symbological system that draws equally on ancient knowledge and the truth that arises in the present moment. She works through the tarot, and in collaboration with each client, to access the wisdom that the client’s Higher Self intends to share at that moment. This can draw a detailed and deep ‘map’ or overview of the client’s life circumstances, revealing the energies and structures at work, and how to engage with them in order to move forward for the client’s highest good.

Sareen has a background that includes Tibetan Buddhism, martial arts, yoga, midwifery, music, and Aztec dance. With great love, she is dedicated to serving the highest good of all beings and the planet. She always looks forward to bringing her compassion, enthusiasm, intuition and inquisitiveness to each client’s reading.