Lazina Ramzan-Sahib

Is an intuitive channeler who has been working with Spirit for just over 5 years, but spirit has been working with Lazina since she was a little girl. It is her intention to honor and share Spirit’s message with you. To help you facilitate your own healing and well-being, Lazina also provides Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Seichem, and Quantum Healing.

You and Your Aura

An Intimate Friendship

Allow Lazina to take you on a journey as you immerse yourself in the cleansing and empowering experience of recognizing and working with your personal Aura. This natural energy field that exists around all earthbound creatures and things has the tremendous potential to allow you to heal, remove negative energy and prevent toxicity by creating a sacred space of balance and harmony that you carry with you at all times and in all situations. Lazina has both the experience and knowledge to work with her clients to assist them in being better able to sense their own Auras as well as clear and create balance above, below and within.