Cindy Marie Gloria

New Moon Women’s Circle and Workshop Facilitator

Cindy is a Red Tent facilitator, Mother, Medicine Woman, Channel, and Guardian of the Sacred Arts.

By the guidance of Great Spirit and initiations into the Sacred Healing Arts, she was led to the lost and ancient traditions of ceremony and ritual. A Priestess path anointed into the Womb Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine.

Cindy was invited to hold her first women’s circle at Serendipity’s Backyard where we co-create safe spaces to gather, heal, and transform. We meet every month to acknowledge and release any patterns/cycles that limits our earthly experience here, and we set intentions to empower ourselves and our human experience.

Note from Cindy:

“Women are seeking change. We are looking for support. We no longer wish to believe in the old paradigm of competition and separation. We acknowledge that we are all unique and beautiful in our own right. Having the honour and the privilege to meet women around the globe, women of all ages, backgrounds and upbringings, women who hold this reverence as truth; to be seen, felt, and valued through the lens of another, without needing to force, earn, or prove oneself… one of the greatest gifts I have ever experienced being a woman. Within us, we all carry a deep seeded truth, one of honour and respect. Allow Your Truth, the essence of your Soul to come forth, and Remember.”

◇ Sisterhood is here and we stand united ◇


Quantum Touch Energy Healing Level l & ll, Biomagnetism, Bioenergetics, Microbioenergetics Level l & ll, Biomagnetic Neuropsychology, Microbioenergetics and Biomagnetism in Children, Red Tent Facilitator Course.